Origami Risk TV - Videos On Reports
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/OrigamiTV/Video/AdvancedAnalyticsAdvanced Analytics
This video provides an overview of advanced analytics across dashboards, reports and advanced queries.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ReportsOverviewAn Overview of Reporting
This video provides a brief overview of all the reporting features in Origami Risk.
/OrigamiTV/Video/AbstractsClaim, Location and Policy Abstracts
This video shows how to print a Claim, Location or Policy Abstract including bulk printing of multiple abstracts.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ReportingBasicsCreating a Report
This tutorial goes over the basics of creating reports.
/OrigamiTV/Video/CustomAdHocCustom Ad Hoc Reports
This video shows how to create ad hoc reports in Origami Risk. .
/OrigamiTV/Video/DistributionListsDistribution Lists and Reports
This video describes how to burst reports out to a group of people using Distribution Lists.
/OrigamiTV/Video/DrillDownDrill Down In Reports
This tutorial describes how to drill down from a summary report to a detail report to an individual document.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ExcelReportPackagesExcel Report Packages
This video explains how to create excel only report packages. An excel report package is a combination of reports packaged together in a single Excel worksheet with each report on a separate tab.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ExcelExportExporting Reports To Excel
This video describes how to export to Excel and how Origami exports to Excel with optimal data formatting.
/OrigamiTV/Video/TrianglePivotExporting Triangles to Excel Pivot Tables
This video shows how to export a loss triangle directly to an Excel Pivot Table.
/OrigamiTV/Video/FavoriteFieldsFavorite Fields in Filters
This video show how Origami learns which fields you use most, to make searches and report filters quick and easy.
/OrigamiTV/Video/FindingReportsFinding Reports
This video shows how to find the report you need.
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