Origami Risk TV - Videos On Claims
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/OrigamiTV/Video/AddingTransactionsAdding Transactions
This tutorial will describe adding reserves and payments, changing a claim's status and using the reserve worksheet.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ClaimNotesClaim Notes
This video describes entering claim notes.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ClaimTasksClaim Tasks
This video shows how to stay on top of key claims by adding tasks.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ClaimWatchlistClaim Watchlists
This video shows how to create a watchlist for key claims, or other items
/OrigamiTV/Video/AbstractsClaim, Location and Policy Abstracts
This video shows how to print a Claim, Location or Policy Abstract including bulk printing of multiple abstracts.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ClaimWireClaimWire State Forms
This video shows how Origami Risk makes claims administration even easier by integrating with the full library of ClaimWire State forms.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ClosedClaimSettingsClosed Claims Settings
This video shows how to control what payments can be made on closed claims.
/OrigamiTV/Video/CodeDependenciesCode Dependencies (Parent/Child Codes)
This video shows how to set up custom code dependencies to create parent/child relationships for coded fields.
/OrigamiTV/Video/CostAllocationCost of Risk Analysis
This video demonstrates Origami Cost of Risk Allocation functionality, including risk analysis and cost allocation.
/OrigamiTV/Video/DefaultValuesDefault Values in Forms
This video gives an overview of the types of default values that can apply to new claims, incidents, etc.
/OrigamiTV/Video/DefaultViewsDefault Views
This video shows how to save an advanced search as a saved view, and set it as the default when you first go to the claims page.
/OrigamiTV/Video/DownloadAllDownload all attachments on a claim
This video shows how to download all files attached to a claim or other related records.
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