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/OrigamiTV/Video/ControllingYourDataControlling Your Data
This video gives an overview of how to specify which data elements you control and which your carrier or TPA controls.
/OrigamiTV/Video/CustomDataValidations2Custom Data Validations
This video gives an overview of custom data validations, the ability to customize validations and data corrections for the update process as well as data entry.
/OrigamiTV/Video/CustomDataValidationsUpdateCustom Data Validations and Data Updates
This video continues the custom validation discussion, showing how custom validations impact the data update process.
/OrigamiTV/Video/ExcelSourceNew Excel Source Feature
This video describes the New Excel Source Feature, which streamlines data conversions and uploads at no additional cost to Origami Risk users.
/OrigamiTV/Video/UpdateThe Data Update Process
This video gives an overview of the data update process, from code mappings to exception handling.