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/OrigamiTV/Video/NoteTemplatesNote Templates
This video shows how to use Note Templates to make it easier to create notes with structure and focus.
/OrigamiTV/Video/BrokerOrigami Risk for Brokers and Agents
This video provides discusses how Origami can enhance the relationship between broker and client through better efficiency and data sharing.
/OrigamiTV/Video/RoundRobinRound Robin Assignments
This video shows how to create round robin assignments to automatically assign items to users based on caseload. For example you could assign claims to adjusters or inspections to inspectors based on existing caseload.
/OrigamiTV/Video/SketchSketch Elements in Claim and other Forms
This video shows how to add a sketch to a claim to diagram an auto accident
/OrigamiTV/Video/OSHAITASubmitting OSHA Data Electronically
This video shows how to submit OSHA 300A data to the OSHA
/OrigamiTV/Video/EmailTrackingTracking Emails sent to and from Origami
This video shows how to send emails from Origami and how Origami tracks replies and keeps all correspondence associated with a claim.
/OrigamiTV/Video/CertTrackingTracking Insurance Certificates
This video shows how Origami can simplify the process of tracking incoming insurance certificates
/OrigamiTV/Video/EmailNoteTagsType Ahead Tags in Emails and Notes
This video shows how to use type ahead tags to populate data into emails and notes.
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